The Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection

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List of Episodes for all 5 seasons-
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Season 1

Episode 1: 'Where is Everybody?'- Earl Holliman stars as a man on the edge of hysteria in a deserted town. Despite the emptiness, he has the strangest feeling hes being watched.
Episode 2: 'One for the Angels'- A Salesman cleverly eludes death. But if he lives a little girl must die in his place. Only the salesman greatest pitch can save her.
Episode 3: 'Mr. Denton on Doomsday'- A drunk of a gunslinger finds his fast draw abilities can be restored by drinking a magic potion.
Episode 4: 'The Sixteen Millimeter Shrine'- an aging former movie star lives and dreams in the past. She refuses to leave her screening room until she disapears.
Episode 5: 'Walking Distance'- Martin Sloan is plays a frazzled executive who learns that you can go home again after he steps back in time and meets his mom his dad and himself.
Episode 6: 'Escape Clause'- A hypocondriac exchanges his soul for immortality and indestructibility.
Episode 7: 'The Lonely'- A covicted murderer incarcerated on a distant asteroid and is dying of lonliness.
Episode 8: 'Time Enough at Last'- A Bookworm yearns for more time to read, then a nuclear holocaust leaves him alone in the world with lots of time, plenty to read and an ironic twist.
Episode 9: 'Penchance to Dream'- A man whos terrified of falling asleep in fear he might die. His pursuer? A mysterious vixen he meets in his dreams.
Episode 10: 'Judgement Night'- 1942, a german wonders why he is on the deck of a British Steamship with no memory of how he got there and impending doom.
Episode 11: 'And When the Sky was Opened'- Col. Clegg Forbes 'Rip Taylor' and 2 astronauts return from their space flight. They soon discover that no one remembers them as if they never even existed.
Episode 12: 'What You Need'- Two bit thug thinks hes found the key to a better life.
Episode 13: 'The Four of us are Dying'- Gifted with the ability to change his face Arch Hammer devises a plan to elevate himself.
Episode 14: 'Third from the Sun'- William Surka and a friend steal an experimental spaceship and go off to an unknown planet.
Episode 15: I shot an Arrow into the Air'- The worlds first manned space mission goes awry stranding the crew on an asteroid.
Episode 16: 'The Hitchhiker'- Alone on a cross country trip Nan Adams has a blowout. Surviving the incident, she gets back on the road, only to see the same hitch-hiker everywhere she looks.
Episode 17: 'The Fever'- Tight fisted Franklin Gibbs is not happy when his wife wins a trip for 2 to Vegas. But things change when he falls under the spell of a slot machine that calls his name!
Episode 18: 'The Last Flight'- World War One flying ace flies through a mysterious and lands at a modern U.S. Airbase in the year 1960.
Episode 19: 'The Purple Testament'- Lt. Fitzgerald has found his own special wartime hell. Looking into the faces of his men prior to battle he has the ability to see whos about to die.

The Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection

Episode 20: 'Elegy'- 3 astronauts land on a remote asteroid where everyone is frozen in place.
Episode 21: 'Mirror Image'- A woman spies her exact double at a bus station and becomes convinced the double is trying to take her place in this world. A fellow passenger thinks shes first.
Episode 22: 'The monsters are due on Maple St'- Inexplicable events cause the residents of Maple Street to errupt into rioting. Residents suspect alien invasion.
Episode 23: 'A World Of Diffrence'- Arthur Curtis thinks hes an average businessman living a normal life. Or is he an actor playing a businessman in an office thats really a set?
Episode 24:' Long live Walter Jameson'- A history teacher who talks about the past as if he lives it.
Episode 25: 'People are Alike all over'- Space expidition crashes on Mars.
Episode 26: 'Execution'- man in 1880 about to be hanged for shooting a man in the back.
Episode 27: 'The Big Tall Wish'- Over the hill prizefighter gets a boost from a lil boy whos a big fan in a disillusioned world.
Episode 28: 'A Nice Place to Visit'- After being shot to death a theif encounters white haired pip who gives him everything he wishes.
Episode 29: 'Nightmare as a Child'- A schoolteacher who has blocked out the details of her Mother's murder and encounters a strange little girl.
Episode 30: 'A stop at Willoughby'- Advertising exec cracks under pressure of his job dreaming about a peaceful town called Willoughby.
Episode 31: 'The Chaser'- Roger Shackleforth, desperate to win the affection of the beautiful Leila, slips her a love potion.
Episode 32: 'A Passage for Trumpet'- After commiting suicide an unsuccessful trumpet player is given a second chance at life.
Episode 33: 'Mr. Bevis'- A good natured, accident prone eccentric whos guardian angel gives him a chance at success.
Episode 34: 'The After Hours'- A woman discovers that the floor of a department store on which she bought a gold thimble dosent exist.
Episode 35: 'The Mighty Casey'- Baseball team with a robot player.
Episode 36: 'A world of his own'- Noted playwright who discovers he can make anything appear or disappear by just describing it.

Season Two

Episode 37: 'King Nine Will not Return'- WWII captain/a vast desert. Where is his crew and why are futuristic jets flying overhead?
Episode 38: 'The Man in the Bottle'- A curio shop owner thinks hes found happiness when a genie he discovers in an old bottle grants him 4 wishes.
Episode 39:' Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room'- Small time hood is ordered to commit a murder he dosent want to perform.
Episode 40: 'A Thing about Machines'- A man despises any sort of machine, and he'll experience a new kind of terror when he learns the feeling is mutual.
Episode 41: 'The Howling Man'- During a walking trip in Europe Ellington loses his way and meets an insane monk claimed hes captured by the Devil.
Episode 42:' Eye of the beholder aka Private World of Darkness'- Janets hideous face has made her an outcast all her life. As she waits for her last chance surgery, she ponders the consequence of failure.
Episode 43: 'Nick of Time'- A superstitious newlywed becomes obsessed with a penny fortune telling machine.
Episode 44:' The Lateness of the Hour'- Dr. Loren and the faultless Robot services he invented.
Episode 45: 'The trouble with Temptation'- An aging actor who longs for the old days when his wife was alive. Hes given a glimpse of the past.
Episode 46: 'A most unusual camera'- Two thieves find out a camera they have stolen take pictures of the future.
Episode 47: 'Night of the Meek'- Christmas in the Twilight Zone. Art Carney as a forelorn department Santa who takes to drinking.
Episode 48:'Dust'- A man about to be hanged for running over a little girl. The girls father uses magic dust and a change comes over village.
Episode 49: 'Back There'- A man who travels back in time to Lincolns assassination.
Episode 50: 'The Whole Truth'- Automobile compels used car dealer to tell the truth. He cant sell a single vehicle on his lot until he comes up with an unusual idea.
Episode 51: 'The Invaders'- A flying saucer lands in the attic of an isolated house. Spaceship begins to stalk old woman.
Episode 52: 'A penny for your thoughts'- Flip of a coin gives banker the power to read minds.
Episode 53: 'Twenty Two'- Woman is terrified of returning nightmare involving number Twenty Two.
Episode 54: 'The Odyssey of Flight 33'- Flight 33 picks up a tail wind and is blown off course. After corrected the flight arrives at its destination- a billion years of course.
Episode 55: 'Mr. Dingle, The Strong'- A timid salesman is given super strength by a martian experimentor.
Episode 56: 'Static'- an antique radio starts to broadcast programs from an old mans youth that only he can hear.
Episode 57: 'The Prime Mover'- Ace Larson discovers his business partner can move things with his mind. They set out for Vegas and win.
Episode 58: 'Long Distance Call'- Before Grandma died she gave Billy a toy telephone. When he uses it to talk to her, his parents dismiss it as imagination.
Episode 59: 'A hundred yards over the Rim'- 1847, a western settler sets out to find medicine for his son, he returns with much more than medicine.
Episode 60: 'The Rip Van Winkle Caper'- Thieves put themselves into suspended animation for 100 years after hiding a million dollars worth of gold bars.
Episode 61: 'The Silence'- Archie Taylor offers man half a million dollars if he can keep quiet for a year.
Episode 62: 'Shadow Play'- a man trapped in a reaccuring nightmare.
Episode 63: 'The Mind and the Matter'- a book on the power of thought enables a worker to recreate the world exactly how he wants it.
Episode 64: 'Will the real Martian please stand up'- State troopers follow tracks from an unidentified flying object.
Episode 65: 'The Obsolete Man'- In a future state where religion and books have been banned, a librarian is judged obsolete by The Chancelor and sentenced to death.

Season Three

Episode 66: 'Two'- Two lone survivors of a nuclear Holocaust must start the world anew.
Episode 67: 'The Arrival'- A plane lands safely but all passengers and crew are missing.
Episode 68: 'The Shelter'- When a UFO invasion appears
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The Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection

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